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Many organisations find it hard to communicate. It's not their fault. They are simply not designed from the ground up to work that way. Getting from an initial idea on paper to a great branded product or business can be tough. Inertia, politics, limited resources and the day-to-day running of a business can get in the way. That's where Brand in a Box comes in.

Brand in a Box is our proprietary outcome-based marketing communications strategy tool. It is a collaborative and tested process that repeatedly delivers innovative and tangible outcomes such as brand concepts, clear messaging, media solutioning and much, much more.

How does it work?

The trick is to get the right people in the room all focused in the right direction. So before we start, we'll spend some time defining the brief and collating a team of creatives, researchers, subject-matter experts and, of course, you. This preparation allows us to run the collaborative workshop efficiently, making sure we squeeze every bit of value in the limited time we have. We will also prepare a brief outlining the objectives before we start.

How do we do it?

Step 1: Crystallise Brief

Step 2: Inspiration Gathering

Step 3: Structure Sketching

Step 4: Concept Exploration

Step 5: Visual Identity

Step 6: Wrap

Crystallise Brief

Revisit and go over the brief, highlighting main challenges and key opportunities. Ensure we are aligned before starting the hack in earnest.

Inspiration Gathering

Gather both online and real-world insights and reference points to be used as creative fuel for the workshop.

Structure Sketching

Develop new ideas and visually map them out to create business models, information architectures, wireframes and user journeys etc.

Concept Exploration

Work together to create a cohesive plan, multiple product design concepts, bringing the ideas to life.

Visual Identity

Build an identity highlighting relevant and resonant points detailing key user journeys and interactions.


Review outputs, making any refinements and adjustments needed for the final brand or campaign plan.

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