Creativity is in our hearts

It does not matter if we’re tasked with brand identity, website, campaign, or the whole lot – each part affects the whole. The whole drives business outcomes – it just so happens that creativity is one large piece of the jigsaw and we excel in it.


COMMUNICATE began as a consultancy + creative agency hybrid, that was passionate about meeting real business objectives and developing communications strategies for corporate and public sector clientele. The eventful COVID-19 year of 2020 became a challenging and reflective moment for us. We re-evaluated our business objectives and adapted our model from that of a traditional agency structure by shifting our focus to something that we truly enjoy: creativity and design.

Today, we are a nimble core team of brand strategists, designers and problem solvers who are passionate about helping brands find their voice and identity through strategic and creative communication design.

team communicate

Derived from the prefix of “CO”, which means “togetherness, jointly, or partnership” – it’s a fitting definition of who COMMUNICATE is today, anchoring the way we approach things with our work and our partners.

At COMMUNICATE, we love working and collaborating with clients who are dedicated to achieving their business goals and bringing their visions come to life, providing an unforgettable brand experience for their perfect clients and customers.

our approach





Strive for a collaborative environment for creativity

As a multidisciplinary agency, it’s our mantra to provide a hands-on, cooperative and accommodating approach for clients, partners and brands we work with.

Embrace Passion & Authenticity

Passion is the strong fire that can get you to do amazing things, while being true to yourself and upholding the values that you live by – regardless of what the world expects, it will give you that spark that no one else has. Our team is made up of like-minded individuals who embrace such characteristics and when we find clients who share the same qualities, it’s the perfect made-in-heaven partnership.

Empower the Community

We believe in promoting the thriving local creative community who are bent on doing what they love. Our doors are always open to go-getters who want to make a difference and make their ideas and dreams come to life. Our belief is that we are a collective sum of creative might when we collaborate with intent, construct with purpose and connect to inspire others.

But First, Coffee

We admit that the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans unleashes the signal of our creativity kicking in. So we made sure that we have a dedicated coffee station - The Grumpy Outpost (with neon signage to boot) as an ode to a popular coffee shop that was once run by our founder. So if our team needs a morning wake-up buzz to start the day, creating latte art during afternoon work breaks or java fuel to burn the midnight oil, we’ve got them covered.