Global COVID-19 Index (GCI)

The Global COVID-19 Index (GCI) is a digital index and open data resource that tracks the progress and recovery of countries around the world in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a collaboration project with PEMANDU Associates, we were tasked to bring the GCI – which started off as an excel sheet – to life by creating an interactive website and digital event launch to introduce the index dashboard to the world.

Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
Event Management

We started with a visual identity that would highlight its global appeal and engagement. We kept the visual identity minimalistic – the GCI logo was based on simple typography, and the colour palette anchored on a deep blue with yellow accents.

Accent colours were used for the website to highlight key data points – for example, a lighter blue to highlight recovery and yellow to denote severity ratings.

The first time we saw the GCI, it was just an excel sheet. Our challenge was to turn it into something that was easy to understand, relevant and useful for both governments as well as the general public. So, we took the data and broke it down into maps and graphs to visually illustrate trends in each of the 184 countries and added helpful notes on the data in the margins.

No product is complete without a launch. But given lockdown restrictions, we moved the launch online, incorporating elements such as a green screen and multi-camera setup and an A/V mixing team to make the launch look as much like a physical event as possible – all in just one and a half weeks.


A launch that attracted over

20,000 audiences

from over 20 countries

A dynamic website that displays daily data analytics for

184 countries

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