Lyfe Clinic

Since opening its doors in 2015, Lyfe Clinic has made a name for itself as a quaint one-stop solution medical aesthetics clinic. But it was time to reintroduce itself with a modern yet recognizable look.

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing Support

We did this by crafting a refreshed brand system with a clean and direct focus on communication to establish Lyfe Clinic as a destination for sought-after beauty aesthetic services. We kicked off by developing a new visual identity was based on the doctor’s inherent personalities: friendly, knowledgeable and fun! Keeping our promise to not throw the baby out with the bath water, we maintained their lotus flower motif in the logo, which symbolized life rejuvenation but redesigned it in a much cleaner and legible manner.

We also retained was the prominence of purple synonymous with the brand. We introduced it with complementary hues of blue, green, pink and grey to instill confidence, friendliness and trust within its customers, but also provides a cohesive visual system, when the brand went fully digital.

Online information about medical aesthetic clinics can be overwhelmingly filled with medical jargon as well as dull and cold images, so we used friendlier messaging by focusing on human imagery and simple, conversational language for Lyfe Clinic’s digital platforms to lead the change in discussion around medical aesthetics.


With its new visual language, Lyfe Clinic was able to connect on a deeper and more personal level with its customers. Crystallised through the redesigned visual system, this is fast establishing Lyfe Clinic as one of Malaysia’s most knowledgeable yet approachable medical beauty provider.


increase in digital engagement

Reached over

100k people

in 6 months through our Facebook Awareness Strategy

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