Looking to breathe new life into the music industry, COMMUNICATE and Universal Music Malaysia (UMM) teamed up together to create a faith-inspired music label called Masyhur (from the Arabic root word for “famous”). This label celebrates artists who believe in positive self-expression of spiritual music with a universal appeal.

Aiming to connect to a broader market of music lovers, Masyhur was brought to life with a contemporary and vibrant music aesthetic using bright pops of blue and green and layered with modern, faith-inspired design elements. This repeated usage of the palette and design patterns create a cohesive visual system on its digital platforms.

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MASYHUR wesite design.

As the visual anchor of the brand, Masyhur’s logo sported sounds waves to represent its music elements while encompassed by a hexagonal mosaic pattern inspired by spiritual motifs that represent the brand.

To create a memorable brand impression on social media, Masyhur follows a carefully curated aesthetic for its content on its social channels while adapting a colloquial tonality when it comes to engaging.


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