With online learning on the rise following the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, newly minted edutech start-up NovaLearn was looking for partners to develop and crystalise their brand identity -- one to set them apart in an increasingly competitive market. We were thrilled as they approached us to bring their business to life.

Web Design
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy

Our team got to work – first by giving NovaLearn a clear mission and vision statement. This would set the tone for how the brand would be perceived by learners and parents as well as well as how the company would be run internally.

Next, we designed a logo which brought the notion of a ‘nova’ to life through brightly coloured orbs filling the words ‘NovaLearn’. Using the logo design as the visual anchor, we developed a comprehensive brand identity book for NovaLearn. This was complete with guidelines on all visual executions across their digital platforms.

From there, we also helped the brand to execute designs for their website landing page as well as office stationary such as business cards.

What resulted is a toolkit with ready-to-use materials – all for NovaLearn to begin changing the online learning landscape!

It was such a blast working with the international client team of NovaLearn Team across different time zones (Malaysia, Hong Kong and the United States). With our client as a nimble start-up, they had to perk to assign an all-star team of the Executive Director, CEO as well as Creative Director to be a part of both our strategic and creative discussions. Given the time differences we were working around, this meant that our meetings had to have razor sharp focus but it also created a fantastic synergy between Team COMMUNICATE and Team NovaLearn

Nadine Defensor



A ready-to-use

website landing page

a compelling

vision and mission

a comprehensive

brand identity book

conceived and delivered in just

4 weeks

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