PEMANDU Associates is a management consulting firm that helps their clients – both governments as well as businesses – deliver big fast results.

Over a period of two years, we worked closely with their team (even holding a three-day intensive lab to help them set out their overall marketing goals!) to develop a brand strategy across all digital platforms that would raise brand awareness and position the firm as a thought leader and transformation expert.

Brand Identity
Content Creation & Development
Website Design & Development
Social Media Management

To give the brand a corporate image and highlight the firm’s proposition of Big, Fast Results, we gave the brand a polished look and feel, centred around the brand colours of red, black and white.

This palette was repeated across all platforms – from their presentation decks and office stationery to their walls of their headquarters.

It was important to PEMANDU Associates to be able to show proof of their work to prospective clients. To help them do so, we designed two pieces of marketing material for them.

The first was a corporate brochure that outlined their methodology, how it has been applied to great effect and stories of the people responsible for carrying out the work.  The second was a project brochure focusing on the work. The key here was to convey impact – which is why we used infographics to represent each project and bold typography to draw the eye to key initiatives and outcomes.

Since their advent, the firm had amassed a wealth of stories – from success stories working with their clients to stories from the consultants themselves that centre around learning and personal transformation.

We took these stories and transformed them into content. In order to demystify the work of management consultants and celebrate the work done by the firm, we produced a series of editorial and video content that was hosted on their website and circulated on social media.


26,000% more new visitors

to the website

Increased brand awareness leading to

73% more organic searches

on google

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