Since its inception over a century ago, PNMB has remained Malaysia’s oldest and largest printing service provider. But not many are aware of their evolution story from national printer to total digital solutions provider. Reaching its milestone of 130 years of existence, it was time to reintroduce itself as Malaysia’s leading secured printing partner with its new digital service offerings.

Brand Identity
Content Creation & Development
Brand Corporate Video
Social Media Management

As PNMB’s creative partner for this project, we helped launch the brand’s repositioning as an innovative solutions provider with a new key messaging of “Innovation both on the page. And off it”. This covers the brand’s established legacy as a trusted pioneer for general printing but also its endless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of printing for the future needs of their clients and partners.  

To bring the key message to life, we developed a set of marketing tools that include:


A corporate video that tells the brand’s evolution story through the lens of the real impact it has made to its end-user


A corporate brochure for prospective business partners as it elaborates on PNMB’s innovative spirit, key service offerings and working culture


A marketing brochure that focuses on its exhaustive list of solutions they provide. This serves as a perfect business introduction for prospective clients.


A whole new proposition

for an old brand

Improved facilitation

of New Business efforts

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