As newcomers to the insurance provider space, what made RISE stand out was their commitment to ensuring ‘love and responsibility’ in providing protection for all. With a mission to provide a Critical Illness Fund (CIF) to every Malaysian family, we helped position them as a trusted CIF pioneer in Malaysia through a logo, brand identity, website and a series of videos.

Brand identity
Logo design
Website design and copywriting
Video production

The first step was to build the company’s presence in both the physical and digital spheres – from creating a logo to storytelling RISE’s origin in a video. We focused on providing an honest outlook of the team to build trust amongst customers and emphasized on how they’ve changed their customers’ lives for the better but also their own through working at RISE.

Working closely with the founders of RISE was an inspiring experience. The amount of empathy and care they devoted to the company, their employees and their customers was boundless. Seeing their passion and close-knit work culture, it was important that I showcased that in the website copy to make them stand out from their competitors.

Ellisha Rosli,



new visitors

to the website that we built from the ground up

91% of underinsured Malaysians

educated on CIF

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