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PEMANDU Associates is a management consulting firm that has built a reputation for delivering socio-economic and business transformation around the world. But beyond the work, they wanted to feature the more intimate and humanised stories of the consultants that make it all happen. See how we took over their digital platforms in the run-up to Valentine’s Day to show how sometimes, love can be the greatest tool to delivering hard results.

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Social Media Management

To celebrate the season of love, we proposed to completely take over PEMANDU Associate’s digital platforms through a 4-day digital campaign called #LoveConsulting. The client was on board with our idea to express the consulting firm’s softer side during that year’s Valentine’s Day weekend. The catch? We had less than two weeks to plan and launch. But it was a success as the digital campaign boosted engagement for the consultancy by over 4000%.

So how did we do it:


Our content told consulting in an honest and non-consulting lens.
We kicked off the campaign by launching a series of raw and heart-warming narratives from the eyes of PEMANDU Associates’ staff members. These were told through both editorial and video content.Rather than focusing on romantic love, our stories touched on how family dynamics and close working relationships have been the driving force for consultants as they deliver meaningful results for their clients.


We temporarily replaced the brand’s corporate identity.
The #LoveConsulting mirror site didn’t stop at content. We went the whole way by completely taking over the aesthetics – which includes a daring shift from the firm’s corporate red colour palette to a striking magenta. This was also translated to all their social media pages to drive home a complete take-over.


We amplified the love narrative, far and wide.
The purpose for this exercise was to stir intrigue among a new audience outside of their existing target. So besides skewing our content to resonate with a wider audience, we also ran ads on social media with a new targeting strategy for this period to reach a new demographic.


PEMANDU Associates’ website traffic

increased by 285%

during campaign period

Videos created for the campaign

performed 144% better

than past videos  

Social media engagement

increased immensely by 4233%

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